How Google Ranks Websites

Every digital marketer is looking for ways in which their websites can rank on the top page of Google. They pay web designers and do everything they think is right to get to the top page. But after all the effort and the investments, some marketers still cannot achieve the desired results and this can be so frustrating. That’s when they wonder how Google ranks websites. It is not easy to know for sure but if you want to rank on the top page the following tips might be of help to your website.

Quality of content

Content in your website matters a lot when it comes to top ranking on Google. It’s always advisable to ensure Google can understand your content for it to be able to rank your website. A well organized content will not only ensure you rank on the first page but will also attract more viewers to your page which will intern help generate more traffic. So if you want Google to rank your page at the top, ensure you have high quality content that are easy to understand by both searchers and Google itself.


Keywords are what searchers use to search for content on Google. The keyword phrase should always appear in your content so that it can make it easy for Google to figure out what exactly your website is about and be able to rank it. Understand the obvious phrases that people are likely to use when searching for something on Google and always keep it simple and clear as complex phrases are not always used.

Site speed

How fast your page loads will determine its position in Google. Slow sites have no better chances of top ranking. Fast sites are those that are able to take not more than 5 seconds to load. You don’t want to keep your audience waiting for long. And Google knows that people can easily ignore sites that load slowly and move to better loading sites. For this reason, they give priority to sites that load faster while slow ones are thrown to the bottom of the page.

High quality links

When your page has more links, it’s most likely to rank well in Google. However, not all links are useful. The links from authoritative sites are most likely to attract a top ranking in Google. Non-authoritative sites linking to your website might not be of good help when it comes to Google ranking. Google will take a close look at links both from your website and links to your website and use them to determine your page rank. You can exchange links with other relevant pages and help each other improve page ranking.


The exact formula that Google uses is unknown as they keep it secret. They also keep changing day after day so the page that ranked number one today might not be at the top tomorrow. Web marketing agencies might promise you top ranking on Google but they are also not aware of the formula that Google uses so ranking number one on Google is not always guaranteed but is you follow the above tips you can improve your ranking.